We want to bring you to the top! How? By combining an agile team, with a strong retail and expert network and 160 years of industry experience. We are advisors, door openers and your tie to a strong manufacturing partner and will support you in developing your business beyond your imagination

Your benefits include...

Know-how & NETWORK
and in addition to that: seed capital


Apart from our passion for food & beverage products we also have profound experience in the FMCG industry and business development (find out more about us here). We strive to be your sparring partner of choice for whatever idea you have or problem that troubles you. Once we have teamed up we will hold regular workshops and calls to discuss and optimise every part of your business from branding to logistic rates. It also goes without saying that we will support you with our strong network in the European food and beverage industry – because knowing the right people is key

We also know that many investors tend to overpromise and underdeliver on their will and capability to support startups after the deal is signed. Therefore, we don’t ask you to take our word for granted – we will happily provide you the contact details of any of our startups as soon as we are one step further in the selection process



Distribution is usually the number one thing on every startup’s mind – and rightfully so! We at Square One Foods are very proud to have established partnerships with some of Europe’s leading retailer chains. We see a clear win-win situation in providing our retail partners with early access to innovative food & beverage products plus the peace of mind that we are making sure that these startups will fulfil their strict supplier prerequisites and receive additional growth support on top of that. You on the other hand will have the opportunity to get early retailer feedback on your products and a significantly higher probability of seeing your products on the shelf!


While we have a lot of advice to offer to our startups we also acknowledge that there are certain special topics like optimising an Amazon web-shop or advanced packaging design that surpass our core capabilities. For this reason, we have created a pool of service providers that you are welcome to dive into. These partners are true experts in their field and have been selected for being familiar with the FMCG industry and the needs of startups. On top of that, we have already pre-negotiated startup-friendly rates that should go easy on your budget so that more money is left for growing your business



Our partner Spitz is one of the most diverse and technologically advanced food producers in Austria. In the on-site laboratory their experts can analyse and create virtually any food & beverage product and support you with developing recipes, optimising ingredients and stability of existing products, testing shelf life and ensuring compliance with current regulation. Potentially, your product might even be produced at Spitz, making use of their fully automated state of the art production and packaging facilities. All this is of course just an offer from our side – there is no obligation to ever develop or produce anything at Spitz


Additional services

We’re currently setting up a variety of additional services to support you in your marketing initiatives – from trade fair space to product sampling assistance. It’s still a secret though, so don’t tell anyone


Key facts about our partner Spitz






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What´s the deal?

In exchange for our support and to align our interests we would ask you for a minority stake in your business. As every startup is unique in its needs and development phase, the exact percentage is up for negotiation but generally ranges from 15% to 25%. It goes without saying that all decisions remain with you and we are solely there to support and advise you whenever needed. Sound fair? We hope so!

What we offer
  • Seed capital

  • Hands-on development and growth support

  • Strategic partner for life 

What we ask for
  • Minority stake in your business