Looking for a strategic Partner?

We are constantly looking for innovative ideas and motivated people. Our focus lies exclusively on food & beverage startups as this is where we can add most value

Your product
  • Fulfills a consumer need

  • Sets a new trend

  • Has substantial growth potential

  • Comes with a compelling story

  • Tastes great

Your team
  • Diverse backgrounds

  • Exceptional commitment and drive

  • Willingness to learn and cooperate

  • Clear growth strategy in mind



When can I apply?

We’re always on the lookout for fresh new ideas. If you are interested in working with us, get in touch. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

How do I apply?

Send us an email with your pitch deck and we will contact you to set up a first phone call

I don’t meet all of the criteria listed above. Can I still apply?

Of course! Although there are some characteristics that have proven to increase the chances of success (hence the list), each case is unique and if you think you have something to bring to the table, you are welcome to contact us

How much funding can I raise?

In exchange for a minority stake, we invest a cash component of up to € 250K. But the main focus of our program are the non-monetary or close-to-monetary benefits. In some cases we can offer to bring in other financial partners for a joint ticket

How do you calculate the equity stake?

The compensation model depends on the stage of your startup, the capital injected and any special support packages you need. The minority stake in your business usually ranges from 15% to 25%, however, this amount is subject to negotiation

I'm still developing my idea. Will you sign a NDA?
No. We receive a large number of applications each month, which makes it infeasible to engage in lengthy NDA discussions. Besides, such agreements are extremely difficult to enforce in real life  

Can I have an exclusivity agreement?

No. While we have no intent in collaborating with multiple products of the same kind, such an agreement goes against our ethos of keeping things simple and straight-forward

Is there an obligation to produce at Spitz?

No. We rather see our partner's production capabilities as an offer to you, not an obligation. Depending on your product Spitz might not even be the most suitable partner in the first place - but we most likely know somebody who is

How can I be sure Spitz will not simply copy my product?

Spitz’s laboratory is specialised in analysing food and beverage products and can re-engineer pretty much any product. If they wanted to copy a product, they would have already done so. We want to work together with you because we see a clear win-win situation for both parties. We believe that Spitz and food and beverage startups have very complimentary skill-sets

What kind of information do you want to see in a pitch deck?

The following section is a comprehensive list of what we believe should be part of a perfect pitch deck. However, we do not require all this information for your initial application. Likewise we are not asking for a 20 page thesis-type business plan - a concise PPT presentation is much easier to digest



  • Story behind company / founding date

  • Vision / mission statement

  • Team:

    • Background

    • Clear role assignment

    • Future organisational development (which functions will be hired when / FTE ramp-up / future org chart)


  • Which consumer need is fulfilled

  • Strongest competitors and your differentiation (e.g., along value chain: raw materials, production method, sales, marketing)

  • Line extensions planned

  • Product modifications needed (e.g., different bottle, increase BBD)


  • Geographic strategy

  • Sales channel strategy

  • Current listings

  • Distribution partners

  • Marketing strategy


  • Customer acquisition cost 

  • Customer lifetime value

  • Average order value

  • Cost per order

  • Repurchase rate


  • Past income statement

  • Past sales

  • High-level business plan forecast incl.

    • Consumer units

    • Revenue

    • COGS

    • Contribution margin (Deckungsbeitrag 1)

    • Sales expenses

    • HR expenses and FTE ramp-up per function

    • Marketing

    • Fixed costs

    • Net income / profit margin

  • Current vs. future production costs

  • Pricing strategy

  • Current cap-table

  • Current sources of funding

  • Funding roadmap

And most importantly:



  • What do you want? (e.g., money / production…)

  • On what terms? (e.g., XX%)

  • For which purpose? (e.g., to finance XYZ)