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Square One Foods acts as a strategic partner and investor for innovative startups in the food and beverage industry. In close collaboration with Spitz – one of Austria’s largest and most technologically advanced food producers – we offer a package unrivalled by any other venture capitalist or business angel

All that is just a fancy way of saying that we’re a group of people who get overly excited about food and would like to help you make the best out of your idea, without any corporate strings attached

What we can offer

We provide the startup capital your business needs to grow. However, unlike other investors, we offer significant additional value via mentoring, retail cooperations and a network of expert partners. Through our production partner Spitz we are able to offer our startups access to a sophisticated food & beverage laboratory and state-of-the-art production facilities. Our guiding principle is to only invest in projects to which we can make a significant contribution beyond the capital injection

What we are looking for

Our goal is to support and invest in brilliant ideas that disrupt the food industry and change what people eat  for the better. To that end, we’re on the lookout for ambitious entrepreneurs who share our passion for food and have innovative ideas that show a potential for international scalability. Sounds a bit like a Miss World contest, but really, we’re just searching for people with outstanding skills who are fun to work with




At Square One Foods, we’re committed to creating a win-win environment. We abstain from all sorts of restrictions, clauses or other corporate tricks and focus fully on building a trusting relationship with you and help you realise your vision.

It simply makes sense to collaborate!

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